It’s about progress, not profits.

NXT Mortgage is an employee-owned company. Our team members believe in our vision and are passionate about helping our clients.

Meet the team

Our team values more than big budgets

NXT Mortgage Company was founded on the belief that home buying should be made simple. Our founder, Tyler Hodgson, a Marine Corps Veteran, has a single vision: to remove the hassle from home financing.

“The mortgage industry has lagged behind other industries for too long. Traditionally, the mortgage process is slow and cumbersome. NXT simplifies the mortgage process for our clients, our employees, and our business partners. Our approach of educating our clients and empowering our team members fosters smooth real estate transactions and lifelong relationships.”  – Tyler

Tyler Hodgson
Tyler Hodgson
Founder & President
Jason Vongsay
Jason Vongsay
Co-Founder & Vice President
Karrie Tucker
Karrie Tucker
Senior Loan Officer

Our breadth of knowledge and experience gives us the ability to foresee problems before they become problems. We know what to expect, and our diligence allows us to get our clients to the closing table without delays and headaches.


We put our people first. We know that happy team members make satisfied clients. Our team members are dedicated to accomplishing the mission because they know that people are depending on them. A positive attitude leads to positive results.


The mortgage process is lengthy and takes a lot of work. Our clients count on us to keep the process moving. We know that anticipation and attitude mean nothing without action. We will do it now, and we will do it right.

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